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Expresso or Espresso?

The brand name, Expresso Design, was created from a play of words — mixing “espresso”, as in the strong shot of Italian coffee, and the verb to express, as in to convey (a thought or feeling) in words or by gestures, conduct and design.

The name Expresso is also appropriate on a personal level for Lydia Grossov, Expresso Design’s founder. She’s had the life-long motto “I’m naturally caffeinated” when someone is dismayed that she doesn’t actually need coffee to get the day going and churn out the creativity.

For us, Expresso means to express the best version of your product, service, business, or vision with creative and functional concepts, designs and strategies. To partner with you on your journey and make your business looks it’s best.

Let us, at Expresso Design, help you build a strong brand, stand out from your competition; strengthen your credibility with you clients, and increase your bottom line. Whether you have products, services (or both), just a blog or personal brand, we brew up caffeinated customized branding, print design and web strategies with an extra zing to make your business shine.

Expresso Design, LLC. colored stripes image