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About Expresso Design

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We’ve Got Caffeine for Your Branding.

At Expresso Design, we specialize in caffeinated print and web design. We develop custom branding with an extra zing.

We’re ready to guide the launch of your brand, or bump it up a notch and keep it there. If you need a website we’ll design it—an effective, engaging site that’s easy to navigate.

Expresso Design can create exceptional branding to elevate your image.

Express Your Mission. Stand Out. Be Sought Out.

The unique style and voice of your business matters. Our goal is to project it to audiences as keen on what you do as you are. We’re all about unleashing your potential for online success.

Expresso Design helps businesses communicate with clarity, through design systems that deliver messaging with high impact, generating increased leads and revenue.

Creating stylish, functional designs that fit your purpose is what we do best. And we never let the thrill of design overtake the importance of making a user-friendly, click-worthy, powerhouse of a marketing platform for you.

We Know Your Industry.  

Our clients range from community non-profits and eco-friendly projects to businesses like yours. From lawyers to landscapers. From hair stylists to healthcare organizations—with more than 12 years of experience in the pharmaceuticals industry. That pre-dates Twitter!

Working together with a close network of people with expertise in other key areas, including law, technical writing, and search engine optimization, enhances our ability to do our best for your marketing strategy.

At Expresso Design we pay close attention to the way our clients’ businesses run, and how to understand and meet your needs.

Staying current with new trends and technology is key in our industry. We regularly attend educational presentations by design, tech, and marketing innovators and thought leaders. We then pass the knowledge on to our network, and that includes our clients. We’re learning and teaching at the leading edge of business-to-business and business-to-community marketing.

We Know What It Takes to Flourish Today.

You want an image that’s seamless—working across print and digital media alike. You want your clients to get to know you, and to gain familiarity with your mission and activities no matter what devices they prefer at the moment. You want to equip your business with the style and substance it needs to flourish on today’s stage.

It’s in that spirit that we design your sales collateral (printed and electronic) and your social media presence. Select as much as you need from our custom services, which include:

  • Creating your logos; designing your letterhead, business cards and packaging; and styling your business into a pulled-together corporate brand identity.
  • Providing you with great trade show signs, banners, flyers, point-of-sale graphics and brochures that make it easy for readers to quickly grasp your mission and initiatives.
  • Revving up your direct mail, your e-mail marketing campaigns, or both.
  • Getting your print media and digital banner advertising off and running.
  • Creating the online look to take you to your next level of success—whether it starts in a WordPress site with a blog and custom plugins, or something different that suits your style.
  • Formulating your social media personality.
  • Guiding your launch into e-commerce and online sales.

So, whether it’s a new or revved-up website you need, or impressive online sales, high search engine rankings, or acclaimed campaigns across media and devices, we’ve got you covered. To get a feel for the process ahead, take a look at some samplings of our creative work. {Link: Portfolio}

Get to Know the Expresso Design Team.

Together with my partner Mauro, who has a special flair for the tech aspects of web development, I love helping people get the better of their business problems.

Mauro and I (Lydia) both love cooking and entertaining, camping and board games. Being keen gamers—and supporters of game designers—connects with our attraction to marketing strategy.

In short: the same excitement about what we do “off the clock” is present in our enthusiasm for working with your brand.

We’re glad you’re getting to know a bit about who we are, and what we like to do. We look forward to getting to know you, and developing a strategy to caffeinate your brand.

Lydia Grossov
Creative Director, Expresso Design
Expert in Art Direction, Print and Digital Media, WordPress Web Design, and Typography

Expresso Design, LLC. colored stripes image

If you’re ready to make an impact with your messaging, and generate increased leads and revenue with your next creative graphic design or website project, contact Expresso Design today, for a Caffeinated Print and Web Brand Strategy Quote for Your Business.

Expresso Design, LLC. colored stripes image