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  • With the need for an effective , well designed marketing brochure I feel fortunate to have had the considerable talents, and creativity of Lydia Grossov available to me. Her professional approach, her personal kindness, her patience and time sensitive consideration of my needs made what could have been a stressful experience into a delightful creative ride. I highly recommend her for any design work you may need

    Bob Weick - National Touring Actor of Howard Zinn's "MARX IN SOHO"

  • As Lydia’s co-worker for more than 10 years, I have seen the value she brings to an organization. Her creativity, attention to detail, problem-solving skills and strong work ethic has been key to our success and execution of projects.

    Her skill in design and development of marketing materials and packaging has helped our company standout in a crowded market and directly contributed to our success. Furthermore, her skill set has saved us money and time when compared to use of a large agency or printer. While we no longer work at the same company, I continue to work with Lydia, Expresso Design, for all our art and design needs.

    Art Waite - Senior Director Global Supply Chain

  • Lydia Grossov was visionary for the Doylestown Food Market. The brand and so much of the collateral material she created starting from 7 years ago have stood the test of time and are instantly recognizable. Her website and brand designs, her professionalism, her willingness to clearly explain her reasoning, her responsiveness, her creative ideas for marketing, her patience and skill when instructing me, and her desire to truly hear my ideas and concerns, all made it a genuine pleasure to work with her.

    And Mauro… the skill and patience of that man in creating a complex system for online ordering of thousands of products to be used by both producers and members for our initial endeavor and later a CRM for our fledgling cooperative was mindboggling. I am forever grateful to both of these amazing people.

  • I love working with Lydia!  Her creativity and professionalism is top of the line.  She maintains a high level of knowledge in a very regulated industry without sacrificing graphic appeal.  Personal touch beats large ad agency every time!

  • As founder and CEO of pharmaceutical and pharma-related businesses, I have counted on Lydia’s creative expertise, and organizational and project management skills for over 13 years. Lydia is versatile, dedicated to her work, and isn’t intimidated by complex projects that require creative solutions. She was an asset to my businesses as an employee and continues to be an asset as a consultant as founder of Expresso Design. She is reliable and timely with all of her project deliverables.

  • Launching a new food co-op is a daunting task. Finding just the right professionals to lend their expertise and collaborate with a diverse board is absolutely paramount for success. Did we ever find a treasure in Lydia Grossov! She embraced our mission, studied our market, and zeroed in on precisely the right strategies to reach our target audience effectively and on budget. Lydia was invaluable in all of our communications efforts, from directing our social media efforts to designing our logo to building our website.

    Lydia is a consummate professional who considers every aspect of her work to maximize impact right down to color scheme and font. And she can explain--even to the complete novice--the reasoning behind all of her choices, which draws upon years of experience and knowledge of current trends. Our local co-op benefited immeasurably from its very inception because of Lydia's expertise, commitment, and professionalism, and I recommend her with highest confidence!

  • I'm a content writer and my business is Content Elf LLC. Expresso Design exceeded my expectations for website, logo, and business card creation. Given that I am in the business of elevating others' presence online, Expresso Design's achievement is critical to my confidence in the potential of my small business. For people trying to decide on a designer, I would say: choose integrity, professionalism, and designers who will treat your project collaboratively. This process and its outcome should be a joy. Expresso Design gets it.

  • Having worked with Lydia for many years, I have found her highly professional, very organized with a great deal of attention to detail, and an outstanding creative. The highest of recommendations!

    Jonathan Alba - Owner of eStrat Consulting

  • Our first website was by Lydia and working with her and her husband was awesome. I hope to one day, again, have the pleasure of Lydia designing for us. She really listened and over the years she continually helped me if I needed help. So gifted as a true artist and designer. My advice? Listen to her... she really knows and is constantly keeping up on how things evolve and change.

  • Both Deborah and I have known and worked with Lydia Grossov for over 17 years. We have followed her career as it has evolved through the years and her integrity and cutting edge graphic design capabilities have remained a constant.

    She is a great listener and understands the many elements of successful communication, translating into a better bottom line.

Expresso Design, LLC. colored stripes image