On March 20th, 2018, joined by Content Elf founder Lee Hall, I presented Website Content Creation to Boost SEO and Credibility at Rutgers University.

I’m pleased to say our attendees participated actively throughout and offered strongly positive feedback at the conclusion. Attendance was impacted by a very wintry Last Day of Winter in New Jersey. Yet we had a high level of interest and engagement from the professors, researchers, and entrepreneurs who braved the storm to attend.

I had never co-presented a talk before. To my delight, Lee and I worked together beautifully to fill in the blanks for each other and answer participants’ questions.

Our slide deck can be found here.

In a fast-moving session hosted by dermatologist Otto Mills, Ph.D., FCP, we guided attendees through:

  • SEO essentials for a website.
  • The technical side of SEO (hosting, speed, and SSL).
  • Best practices for page titles, keywords, and meta descriptions.
  • Quality content search engines reward.
  • What to look for in a content writer.

About that last point: I shared an insider’s personal experience on how companies can hire content writers who aren’t right for the task, and what happens when they do.

People appreciate an informative presentation. People remember an informative presentation with a story.