Hello, Expresso Design aficionados! Lydia Grossov here, with exciting news: I’ll moderate a spirited roundtable at 18th annual eyeforpharma Philadelphia Summit, happening April 15-16, 2020.

This is hot. And the event’s energy will be brewing on LinkedIn at #efpPhilly.

We’ll talk about collaborations. About how to draw patient contributions and feedback. Because…

There should be no conversations about patients without patients.

My role? Patient advocate. Read on for my answers to eyeforpharma on how my involvement makes a difference in today’s healthcare.

Lydia, how did you get into patient advocacy?

As a designer and digital marketing expert in demand in this industry, I resolved to integrate what I can offer! This is why I participate in monthly patient healthcare surveys, bringing the patient’s perspective into pharma marketing projects.

I strive to educate other professionals on the importance of accessibility. This means anticipating and addressing the patient’s pain points.

Why do you think it’s important that pharma listens to patients, Lydia? Is this industry evolving to a more patient-centric model?

The reason for the industry is to aid patients with whatever ails them. Indeed, pharmaceuticals and vaccines have saved countless patients’ lives and promoted our overall quality of life.

The modern industry has a proven ability to sustain immense profitability. Yet there is work to be done to ensure the industry is known for having the patient’s back.

Productive partnerships, involving patients along the whole path from the product conceptualization to the market, are essential to earning patient trust and loyalty. Yes, the industry is evolving in this direction. Thought leaders in the sector acknowledge what should have been ever-obvious: trust matters more than profit in the relationship between healthcare and patients.   

What attracts you to conferences, Lydia? Can they make pharma more patient-centric?

Absolutely. Conferences bring thought leaders together to set common goals, and to teach what they’re learning along the way. Others come to explore how they can begin to make change.

For patient-centricity to flourish in every patient-oriented business, this synergy is essential.

And patients can be participants in bringing about – as eyeforpharma calls it – healthcare’s solution?

That’s right. My roundtable will speak to the need for patients to involve ourselves in productive interactions – and actions – to make the industry better. And for pharma to create space for it to happen.

See you in Philly in April.