On June 19, 2019, I had the pleasure of moderating the roundtable discussion “Set Yourself Up for Success – Creating Systems & Processes” for Bucks County SCORE Women Building Businesses.

SCORE, a resource partner of the Small Business Administration, offers excellent networking and educational opportunities. When preparing for this event, I knew the Women Building Businesses Workshop would showcase these opportunities well. And it exceeded my highest expectations!

The main panel discussion, moderated by keynote speaker and award-winning WOGL-FM radio host Marilyn Russell, was outstanding. Five prominent entrepreneurs on the panel had such valuable realities—good and bad—to share.

Then, I and the five panelists moderated roundtables—twice, so attendees could each attend two of the roundtables. Attendees were enthusiastic and keen to interact. We received accolades from SCORE for making the event a “huge success” and sharing useful advice on “How to Calm Your Inner Critic and Build Your Dreams,” which was the theme of this year’s seminar.

In my view, building your dreams takes some concrete steps, so let me tell you about this.

So, How DO You Set Yourself Up for Success Through Creating Systems & Processes?

This was the heart of my roundtable topic.

I chose this topic because I’ve been streamlining and building processes for my business the last few years. Shaving off a few minutes here and there makes a big difference.

Making routine tasks efficient and easy to execute frees up valuable time for you to attend to your clients’ needs, and be creative.

Over time, it can also:

  • Help you make the transition from a solo businessperson to the head of a team.
  • Grow your team.
  • Increase your budget.
  • Elevate the quality of what you produce.

Always Be Ready to Adjust and Refine.

First, consider those routine tasks you do for your business, such as tracking business time.
Embrace collaboration software. Identify where to outsource to other great small businesses.

Refinements might focus on:

  • Setting up appointments and sending reminders
  • Responding to email contact requests
  • Systemizing your sales pipeline
  • Staying engaged with prospects
  • Welcoming and integrating new clients
  • Kicking off projects
  • Gauging client satisfaction
  • Requesting reviews and referrals

These tasks are some of the best targets for streamlining—even automating.

Doing Wonderful Work for Wonderful Pay

My own SCORE mentor, Linda Zangrilli, helped found the SCORE Bucks County Women Building Businesses workshop in 2017.

Zangrilli has observed that women often underrate—and undercharge for—their talents. Linda is pretty blunt about this. Are you delivering the goods? Do you have the degrees, or a high level of success behind you?

Then charge what you’re worth.

Indeed, Sunny White, Founder and CEO of the marketing company Xavier Creative House, facilitated a roundtable on this very topic.

The event took place at Parx Casino East in Bensalem, PA. Two meals were served. I appreciated the dairy-free salad, grilled veggie wraps, and a gorgeous fruit platter.

I’m glad to let readers know the “Systems & Processes” presentation was so well received that I’ll be doing it again at another local event this fall. Watch this space for details!

Curious about which tasks your business can streamline or outsource for your graphic design and website projects—and where to start? Contact us.