Meeting Details

WordPress Wednesday meeting topic: SSL and GDPR

Date: May 23, 2018

Speaker: Mauro Reis, Lydia Grossov and Mike Terkanian

Organized and Moderated by: Lydia Grossov

Please register for the event on the Bucks County Marketing & WordPress Consortium Meetup event page.

General Information About WordPress Wednesday:
Our goal is to build a strong WordPress community in Central Bucks. We don’t claim to be WordPress experts, but we have some experience with it. We’ll try to answer most of our attendee’s questions, if we can’t, we’ll do our best to get you an answer after the meeting or, at least, point them in the right direction.

Post-Meeting Notes:

We jumped right into our second meeting with 2 topics — SSL (secure socket layer) and GDPR — the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation that’s going to be instated on May 25th, 2018.

We started off with Mauro, who gave a us a deep dive into how SSL encryption works to make websites secure. I followed him up with reasons why all websites should be encrypted with SSL, different types of SSL certificates, including free certificates via Let’s Encrypt, and how to get SSL enabled on WordPress websites.

The second half of the meeting was dedicated to discussing GDPR. Mike Terkanian, a tech attorney and owner of Terkanian Law, discussed the ins and out for the GDPR. The discussion was most informative and made me feel comfortable knowing that I now know how it pertains to small businesses in the US, which is the core of our client-base.

If you have questions about the GDPR and you don’t know if or how it will affect your business, please consult an attorney that is knowledgeable of the topic.