On October 18-19, 2018, I was delighted to offer a video presentation titled Marketing Calendar: The Key to Marketing Success for the Marketing Success Festival. I was one of 12 marketing innovators invited to share ideas with the registrants over the two-day event.

One-of-a-Kind Learning Experience

The Marketing Success Festival is an online event. Registrants download the tools and experience the presentations at their own paces, and on their own schedules.

Inspiring Leaders

Also among the community of presenters were business and relationship coaches Craig and Jenny D, media specialist Joe Monzo, videographer Rick Toone, social media pro David D. Simons, photographer Brenda Jankowski, LinkedIn expert Brynne Tillman, Visioneer CEO Gavriel Legynd, and marketing strategists Anu Anand, Laura Templeton, and Marsha Pearson.

Excited to Share

I was asked to share my knowledge as Creative Director of Expresso Design. What an outstanding opportunity to help both up-and-coming and seasoned entrepreneurs raise their bottom line and scale up!

Video presentation is an excellent option for knowledge sharing, and participants found both the format and the substance impactful.