As some of you may know, I’m an advisory board member for the Bucks County Marketing & WordPress Consortium, a local group that hosts monthly educational events. The topics discussed at each meeting ranges from marketing, social media, email marketing and website strategies. We discuss tools and techniques to assist business owner in doing tasks more efficiently and to help them grow their businesses.

This month’s meeting was split up into 3 topics and speakers:

  • Business Models – Don Brown
  • Business Planning – Don Goeltz
  • Planning a Marketing Calendar – Lydia Grossov (me!)

We chose these 3 topics, because they go well together. We also wanted to start off 2018 with on how to start a business and continue our meetings throughout the year with a progression of topics that will help business owners plan, build out their marketing strategies and grow.

Advantages of planning a marketing calendar

Although I’m a board advisor, this was the first time I’ve spoken at one of our meetings. We had a nice attendance and lots of great questions form the audience. My part of the presentation was focussed on the importance of setting up a marketing calendar, as simple or as complex as on can handle, and sticking to it. I discussed the advantages of having a marketing calendar, what should be on your schedule and  different types of calendars you can use from analog to my preferred digital tool.

Having a marketing calendar, implementing it properly and sticking to your strategy can:

  1. Help you plan for upcoming events, important dates, product launches, sales etc.
  2. Keep you on track with your marketing goals
  3. Increase your visibility to the outside world
  4. Help even out the feast or famine cycle, if marketing is done consistently

Learn how to start planning a marketing calendar

Watch the whole presentation below, or skip through it using the video index time markers, to hear more about planning a marketing calendar.

Here’s the video index, for those who like to skip through:
00:24 Business Models Presentation, by Don Brown
19:22 An Overview of the Business Model Canvas, Dr. Don Goeltz
38:12 Planning a Marketing Calendar, Lydia Grossov
01:07:29 Questions and Answers

Still don’t know how or where to begin? Contact us.